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The Classic Doctor Who Ficathon

Because older Doctors need love too!

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A ficathon focusing on classic Doctor Who
The Classic Doctor Who Ficathon 2008

Sick of seeing the daily tally of Doctor Who fics, and only two out of twenty-five are for classic Doctors and companions? Trying to satisfy your Three/Delgado!Master craving, but getting swamped by endless amounts of Ten/Simm!Master? Getting utterly tired of seeing endless lists of Ten/Rose?

Then, my friend, you're at the right place.

The Classic Doctor Who Ficathon is an attempt to get some classic-era fic into the Doctor Who fan community. It involves a fic exchange and a prompts list and will run until the end of the year.


1. Be a fan of classic Doctor Who. Kinda goes without saying, doesn't it?
2. Sign-ups for the main fic exchange will last until the 24th of October.
3. You will be assigned your fic on the 31st of October.
4. Fics are due by the 31st of December.
5. The master list will be posted some time in the first week of February.
6. The other part of the ficathon is a prompts list. As well as a main fic exchange, you may submit a prompt (or several, if you wish!) and these will be posted to the comm as a whole. Anyone can accept these prompts.
7. The prompt part of the ficathon has the same timeline as the fic exchange part.
8. Fics must be at LEAST 500 words.
9. Read the lists below carefully. If your fic idea is borderline, please talk to me about it first.
10. Play nice!

What we want

  • Stories based off the first twenty-six seasons - that's Doctors One through to Seven.
  • Stories based off the Eighth Doctor in the 1996 TV movie.
  • Stories based off Big Finish and their audio range - that's Doctors Five through to Eight, and the companions involved (including audio-only companions such as Erimem, Evelyn and Charley).
  • Stories based off books, namely the New Adventures, Missing Adventures, Past Doctor Adventures and Eighth Doctor Adventures, including the companions who come from there (such as Benny and Fitz).
  • Stories based off spin-off and non-canon media prior to 2005. That means that, yes, Scream of the Shalka is counted, despite technically being a Ninth Doctor. So is Curse of Fatal Death ;)
  • Writers who have a genuine love for classic Doctor Who, whether they were rapt in seeing William Hartnell's very first adventure or were blown away by Gridlock and decided to see exactly what Gallifrey was all about.

What we don't want

  • The Ninth or Tenth Doctors, unless interacting with a former companion (or incarnation).
  • By association, any of the companions since 2005, and ditto.
  • Any form of bashing. I know that RTD's Doctor Who isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it's still Doctor Who. It's just... not appearing in this ficathon. This also includes character bashing, actor bashing, other member bashing, et cetera. Play nice, people!

What needs to be judged on a case-by-case basis

  • Cross-era fics. A past Doctor having an unexpected encounter with a new companion (such as the Fifth Doctor meeting Martha) or a new Doctor travelling back to see an old companion (such as the Tenth Doctor and Rose visiting Jamie in the 1740s) could go either way.
  • Torchwood. Modern Torchwood, unless interacting with classic characters, are out, but historical Torchwood coming across a former Doctor is fine.


tardis_quickie - flashfics with a classic Who bent.
unearthly_still - an excellent classic Who icontest.
oldskoolvids - for, quite simply, classic Who videos.

Have fun!